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Android Income Report, February 2012

I saw few income reports on the internet from guys developing Android games/apps (like droid-blog, kreci, bitbetter), and I liked them all a lot, so I decided to also write similar article to give some overview for others what are figures from Android Market. I have published few free applications on Android Market, they are active for some time already, and all of them has Admob banners inside. They were mostly simple logic games (Bubble Breaker, Blockout, Scrambled Network), and has 1000-5000 downloads, no big deal. Also incomes from ads were low $2-$3 per day.


ZXing QR Reader Direct Integration

Recently I was developing Android application that was supposed to scan QR codes. First I browsed a little, and found nice open source project ZXing ( which is quite useful. I developed application that called ZXing Intent for scanning, and everything was working fine. Just customer didn’t like that there needs to be 2 applications installed, and that there is appearing second Intent with big scanning screen with camera output visible on full screen. So I had to integrate ZXing directly into my application, and as I did not find such an example on the web, I am putting my solution here for others.

Top 10 Free Puzzle Games on Android

Puzzles and logic games brings lot of smart entertainment which makes them my favourites. I think I don’t even play something else, at least not for a long time. Puzzles could be played for hours, without getting bored by repeating same action, also lot of logic games has random level generator (like Bubble Breakers) or are somehow randomized, so you don’ t play same levels again and again. They sharpen your mind and train patience, which is useful for everybody.

New Game Woodebox Puzzle Free

We have released new puzzle game called Woodebox on Android Market. The game is inspired by old puzzles like TangramPentominoKatamino or Crossfingers, and combines lot of features together in one game. The target of each level is to combine wooden blocks into final shape. The blocks can be moved, rotated, shifted within wooden box, to be combined. For example in first level there is just simple one block:

We have developed Bubble Breaker, 3D Tetris and Scrambled Network Puzzle applications

 We have started our own development. Last year we have developed 3 smaller applications, and published them to the Market. These were:

How to install application and copy files to Android Emulator

Sometimes you would need to install third party application on your emulator. Since Android Market is not working by default on emulator and you cannot simply download files from Market, you need to install application there manually. For example in my case, I needed to install PDF viewer to the emulator in order to run it from my application. For this purpose Android Debug Bridge (adb.exe) application from Android SDK is used. After installation it is placed in folder tools under Android SDK.

Following simple procedure will install application on emulator using adb.exe:

Developing Android Applications

If you have decided to develop some Android applications, but you don’t know how to start, this tutorial shows you what to do. Actually similar tutorial is directly on Google Android web site which you can look at, but this is more simplified version more suitable for beginners.

Short News

I have launched Facebook page for Woodebox Puzzle hints and tutorials.

Woodebox Puzzle Free reached 10,000 downloads :)

Small note about Woodebox also on

Woodebox was recommended by famous xda-developers page to its fans.

Our Android Games

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